[Buildroot] Using pre-built BUILDROOT toolchain as external toolchain.

Leonid Leonid at a-k-a.net
Tue Oct 2 02:34:18 UTC 2007


I want to build toolchain only once and then use it as external
toolchain (well, last is not important, I just don't want make re-build
all toolchain binaries again every time). I have compiled buildroot and
have got both toolchain and working filesystem (I'm using ext2
filesystem, running in ramdisk).

Then I have copied created toolchain to another directory and using
"make menuconfig" switched to external toolchain and specified the
toolchain path/prefix and have rebuilt buildroot. It builds all right
but resulting file system lacks certain libraries which is to be
expected since I didn't define what libraries shall be copied from
external toolchain. Where I can get list of libraries, buildroot
toolchain copies? What else should be defined to make whole scheme work?



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