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kevint kevint at lanl.gov
Wed Oct 17 22:12:01 UTC 2007


I am preparing a package that uses unlikely and likely gcc  
extensions.  The code includes:


and this file does not exist in my toolchain's header directory.  How  
do I get this file?  Am I missing something terribly obvious?

For now, I am considering placing a compiler.h file in the headers  
directory that is similar to:

#ifndef likely
# define likely(x)	__builtin_expect((!!(x)),1)
#ifndef unlikely
# define unlikely(x)	__builtin_expect((!!(x)),0)

to get this package compiled.

Thanks in advance,

Kevin Tegtmeier
HPC-3 Scientific Computing Resources
Los Alamos National Laboratory
email:  kevint at lanl.gov

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