[Buildroot] Adding Cirrus EP93XX ARM to buildroot

Ulf Samuelsson ulf at atmel.com
Thu Oct 4 04:08:55 UTC 2007

>> Depends a bit.. From the sounds, all but the configs should reside in
>> generic parts.
>> That said, I'm not too keen on building up a shadow of kernel.org, so
>> please
>> 1) update your patches against current linus tree (or -mm, however you
>> see fit)
>> 2) submit your patches upstream
> Bernhard,
> Let me not argee here. You are forcing "keep up-to-date" policy instead of
> "stable release" policy.
> Cirrus Patches may be not a part of buildroot but refer as URL on Cirrus web site.
> In embedded world is it often that you have to stick to some old kernel version because
> of dependency on 3rd components specific to that particular kernel version.
> Take into account reasoning of usual linux developer - I do not want to update my kernel
> patches for every (month,week) -mm released. I want to have a stable base - which remains stable
> after half-of-year.
> And submitting patches to mainstream takes long time. And we want Cirrus support now.
> Best regards,
> Ivan

It is a significant problem, which is can be be resolved easily, 
as long as packages can be rebuilt without changing the makefile fragment.
If the Makefile fragment for a package is ifdef'ed, then you can supply your own
file which contains the desired  package version numbers.

ifeq ($(<PACKAGE>_VERSION),)

If the introduction of a new package, require that the Makefile fragment
changes, then the problem becomes worse.

Bernard wants you to freeze the buildroot source code for a specific customer.
Assume you have 50 customers, then you have 50 source trees to maintain.
If you want to add a single package for each customer, you have to edit 50 source trees.
Clearly not acceptable.

Best Regards
Ulf Samuelsson

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