[Buildroot] Using pre-built BUILDROOT toolchain as external toolchain.

Leonid Leonid at a-k-a.net
Wed Oct 3 07:45:47 UTC 2007


Thank you very much for your advice, I'll try. Could you please explain this little trick of yours? You replace bin by usr/bin (bin becomes soft link, pointing to usr/bin). However (at least in my build) usr/bin is almost empty all binaries being in bin:

[leonid at jaipur buildroot]$ ls ../../../arm-gcc-uclibc/usr/bin/
faked  fakeroot
[leonid at jaipur buildroot]$ ls ../../../arm-gcc-uclibc/bin/
arm-linux-addr2line  arm-linux-ldconfig          arm-linux-uclibc-ar         arm-linux-uclibc-ldd
arm-linux-ar         arm-linux-ldd               arm-linux-uclibc-as         arm-linux-uclibc-nm
arm-linux-as         arm-linux-nm                arm-linux-uclibc-cc         arm-linux-uclibc-objcopy
arm-linux-cc         arm-linux-objcopy           arm-linux-uclibc-c++filt    arm-linux-uclibc-objdump
arm-linux-c++filt    arm-linux-objdump           arm-linux-uclibc-cpp        arm-linux-uclibc-ranlib
arm-linux-cpp        arm-linux-ranlib            arm-linux-uclibc-gcc        arm-linux-uclibc-readelf
arm-linux-gcc        arm-linux-readelf           arm-linux-uclibc-gcc-4.1.2  arm-linux-uclibc-size
arm-linux-gcc-4.1.2  arm-linux-size              arm-linux-uclibc-gccbug     arm-linux-uclibc-strings
arm-linux-gccbug     arm-linux-strings           arm-linux-uclibc-gcov       arm-linux-uclibc-strip
arm-linux-gcov       arm-linux-strip             arm-linux-uclibc-ld         makedevs
arm-linux-ld         arm-linux-uclibc-addr2line  arm-linux-uclibc-ldconfig

How this is supposed to work?



From: Shuhao Chang [mailto:shuhao_chang at yahoo.com] 
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Subject: Re: Using pre-built BUILDROOT toolchain as external toolchain.

The following steps works for me.

Assume your buildroot toolchain is located in /opt/toolchain

Set External Toolchain Options
BR2_TOOLCHAIN_EXTERNAL_LIBS="ld-uClibc.so.0 libcrypt.so.0 libdl.so.0 libm.so.0 libnsl.so.0 libpthread.so.0 libresolv.so.0 librt.so.0 libutil.so.0"

Set External Toolchain Path to /opt/toolchain
And do a little trick
# cd /opt/toolchain
# rm -f /opt/toolchain/bin
# ln -sf usr/bin bin

> Hi:
> I want to build toolchain only once and then use it as external
> toolchain (well, last is not important, I just don't want make re-build
> all toolchain binaries again every time). I have compiled buildroot and
> have got both toolchain
 and working filesystem (I'm using ext2
> filesystem, running in ramdisk).
> Then I have copied created toolchain to another directory and using
> "make menuconfig" switched to external toolchain and specified the
> toolchain path/prefix and have rebuilt buildroot. It builds all right
> but resulting file system lacks certain libraries which is to be
> expected since I didn't define what libraries shall be copied from
> external toolchain. Where I can get list of libraries, buildroot
> toolchain copies? What else should be defined to make whole scheme work?
> Thanks,
> Leonid.

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