[Buildroot] New to buildroot

buildroot at pixlabs.net buildroot at pixlabs.net
Tue Oct 2 21:06:57 UTC 2007


I'm new to buildroot. I'm familiar with linux, as well as embedded systems, just not the two together.

I have had luck with some of the buildroot based images/distros (astlinux, gumstix-buildroot). Now wanting to make my own for a x86 board. I have a few questions.

1) I have read the documentation from the buildroot website, and one thing it does not mention, is there a sample config for a simple x86 image that can be used to make sure that you are correctly setup to build, and then run the image?

2) Is anything needed beside buildroot to get a minimalistic embedded image up and running? (aka do i need to create any files by hand a la gentoo) or will it generate all the base files need, and all i need to do is build on top of it? (I know that it needs to dl kernel etc, I'm talking configs here that are not generated by make menuconfig)

Thanks in advance.


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