[Buildroot] __getpgid in glibc but not in uClibc?

nina.holly at aerende.com nina.holly at aerende.com
Thu Jan 25 13:14:28 UTC 2007

I have an application that requires __getpgid.
This system call appears to be in glibc.

1.  Is the __getpgid system call in uClibc?
    If so, can someone tell me how to enable the
    compilation of __getpgid in uClibc?

2.  If Q#1's answer is no, is it possible for
    __getpgid to be added from glibc to uClibc as
    source code?  Or does __getpgid need to be
    rewritten for uClibc?  Or can I inline the
    __getpgid source code in my application's
    source code?

Thanks for any pointers,


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