[Buildroot] Using buildroot to compiler the busybox, but it could not run !!

Liu Oyster oysterliu at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 04:08:52 UTC 2007

hi, Dear :
  I use the buildroot and busybox recently. But, I encountered some
questions, please help me.
  (1) buildroot : 0.9.27  , busybox : 1.0.0.rc2
  (2) linux kernel header version 2.4.25
       binutil :
       gcc : 3.4.2
   I run the "make menuconfig " at buildroot directory to set these fields.
Then run "make " and it produced the root_fs_i386.ext2. And I checked the
build_i386/busybox-1.0.0  directory, busybox file is generated, but I could
run the file "busybox".

   If I did not use the buildroot toolchain to compiler this version
busybox, I could run the execution file busybox.

   Please let me know how to fix this question .

Oyster Liu(劉宇明)
E-mail: oysterliu at gmail.com
           oysterliu at yahoo.com.tw
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