[Buildroot] static libgcc_s

Zolnierczuk, Piotr pzolnier at indiana.edu
Wed Feb 28 20:41:04 UTC 2007

Hi Thomas: 
Thanks for prompt reply.
1. U-Boot compiles fine (I use NOSOFTFLAG=yes). I would like to compile

2. AFAIK divsi3 is integer division not FP. 
When I do 
nm -B $PATH_TO_TOOLCHAIN/lib/libc.a 
I can see undefined references to __divsi3. The functions are defined in
libgcc_s.so, but I need a static one (-Bstatic) ... hence catch 22 :(

BTW: is there a simple way to convert a shared lib into a static one.
Back in the dark days I used to manipulate static libs with ar (e.g. ar
x libmylib.a would produce a set of *.o files). But I do not know how to
"disassemble" a *.so


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