[Buildroot] gdk-pixbuf

Koenraad Lelong buildroot at ace-electronics.be
Fri Feb 23 07:16:06 UTC 2007

Nathanael D. Noblet schreef:
> Koenraad Lelong wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to implement gdk-pixbuf. When it compiles it complains it 
>> needs libm.so.6 and libc.so.6.
>> What's the difference between those and libm.so.0 and libc.so.0 which 
>> I have ? Can I simply make symlinks ?
> No expert, but I'm pretty sure that means you've linked against the host 
> libs of glibc and friends instead of uclibc. Symlinks won't help you.
I see, I didn't think of that (pretty new to this stuff). I'll have to 
amend my mk-file.
Koenraad Lelong.

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