[Buildroot] [buildroot 0000151]: new target root filesystem provided: cloop

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Mon Feb 12 13:47:49 UTC 2007

The following issue has been ASSIGNED. 
Reported By:                clausklein
Assigned To:                buildroot
Project:                    buildroot
Issue ID:                   151
Category:                   New Features
Reproducibility:            N/A
Severity:                   feature
Priority:                   normal
Status:                     assigned
Date Submitted:             03-13-2005 13:07 PST
Last Modified:              02-12-2007 05:47 PST
Summary:                    new target root filesystem provided: cloop
Current version: 2.01-5

                    COMPRESSED LOOPBACK DEVICE (cloop.o)

This module is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2,
stated in the source.


The cloop.o, a Kernel module is needed  to add support for
filesystem-independent, transparently decompressed, read-only block

Original Author: Paul 'Rusty' Russel
Extensions & Bugfixes: Klaus Knopper (http://www.knopper.net/knoppix/)

The current available debian patch is not used.

Note: target/default/device_table.txt is not yet supported! ck
The quickfix is to use sudo to mount the previous created cramroot

Sources from:

For more infos see: http://knopper.net/knoppix-info/


Issue History 
Date Modified   Username       Field                    Change               
03-13-05 13:07  clausklein     New Issue                                    
03-13-05 13:07  clausklein     File Added: cloop.tgz                        
03-16-05 12:11  andersen       Status                   new => assigned     
03-16-05 12:11  andersen       Assigned To               => uClibc          
01-25-06 05:54  prpplague      Status                   assigned => resolved
01-25-06 05:54  prpplague      Resolution               open => fixed       
01-25-06 05:54  prpplague      Additional Information Updated                   

03-08-06 16:53  vapier         Status                   resolved => closed  
02-12-07 05:47  vapier         Status                   closed => assigned  
02-12-07 05:47  vapier         Assigned To              uClibc => buildroot 

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