[Buildroot] Buildroot: Problem locating crt1.o on target system.

Alexander Rigbo alexander.rigbo at acgnystrom.se
Fri Feb 9 06:32:55 UTC 2007


Any special reason why you choose gcc 3.4.2 over 4.1.1? If not, then i suggest 
you try gcc 4.1.1 instead.

Best Regards
Alexander Rigbo

On Thursday 08 February 2007 20.38.38 Steve Rodgers wrote:
> I've been using buildroot for quite some time and recently decided to
> upgrade it as some of the packages in the older version I'm using are no
> longer available for download.
> I've run into a problem using the C compiler and linker on the target
> system. I can't compile a simple "hello world" program written in C on the
> target system.
> The compiler/linker complains it can't find crt1.o, even though it is
> located in /user/lib. The exact error message is:
>  /usr/bin/ld: crt1.o: No such file: No such file or directory
> I configured buildroot for gcc 3.4.2 and binutils 2.16. I selected the the
> 2.4.31 kernel headers.
> The system in question  was built using the 2/6/07 snapshot tarball of
> buildroot.
> The config file for buildroot is attached.
> Is there some configuration option I missed?
> TIA Steve.

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