[Buildroot] Buildroot: Problem locating crt1.o on target system [more info]

Steve Rodgers hwstar at rodgers.sdcoxmail.com
Thu Feb 8 23:59:40 UTC 2007

I discovered that if I move crt1.o, crti.o and crtn.o to my build directory on 
the target system where the C source lives, the test.c file compiles 

Looking at the gcc-v output, gcc is expecting these files to be in the build 
directory, not in /usr/lib! 

What changes would be required to gcc- gcc-uclibc-3.x.mk to resolve this so 
that /usr/lib/crtX.0 files can be brought in from /usr/lib?

Here's the output of gcc -v test.c:

GNU assembler version 2.16.1 (i586-linux-uclibc) using BFD version 2.16.1
 /usr/libexec/gcc/i586-linux-uclibc/3.4.2/collect2 --eh-frame-hdr -m elf_i386 
-dynamic-linker /lib/ld-uClibc.so.0 crt1.o 
crti.o /usr/lib/gcc/i586-linux-uclibc/3.4.2/crtbegin.o 
-L/usr/lib/gcc/i586-linux-uclibc/3.4.2 /tmp/ccAcPbA4.o -lgcc --as-needed 
-lgcc_s --no-as-needed -lc -lgcc --as-needed -lgcc_s 
--no-as-needed /usr/lib/gcc/i586-linux-uclibc/3.4.2/crtend.o crtn.o
/usr/bin/ld: crt1.o: No such file: No such file or directory
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status


On Thursday 08 February 2007 11:38, Steve Rodgers wrote:
> I've been using buildroot for quite some time and recently decided to
> upgrade it as some of the packages in the older version I'm using are no
> longer available for download.
> I've run into a problem using the C compiler and linker on the target
> system. I can't compile a simple "hello world" program written in C on the
> target system.
> The compiler/linker complains it can't find crt1.o, even though it is
> located in /user/lib. The exact error message is:
>  /usr/bin/ld: crt1.o: No such file: No such file or directory
> I configured buildroot for gcc 3.4.2 and binutils 2.16. I selected the the
> 2.4.31 kernel headers.
> The system in question  was built using the 2/6/07 snapshot tarball of
> buildroot.
> The config file for buildroot is attached.
> Is there some configuration option I missed?
> TIA Steve.

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