[Buildroot] svn commit: trunk/buildroot/target/device/Atmel:atngw100/target_skeleton atngw100/target etc...

Ulf Samuelsson ulf at atmel.com
Mon Aug 27 21:40:15 UTC 2007

>>> Log:
>>> additional skeleton for AVR32
>>> Added:
>>>    trunk/buildroot/target/device/Atmel/atngw100/target_skeleton/bin/
>>What is up with all the directories? Is not defining them
>>in .../<board>/device_table.txt enough? I find it far better defining
>>them there since the access permissions can be defined as well.
> Ulf, all your crap added a compressed (!) 2MB during the last month.

I am conscious about this issue.
I got a lot of FLAK because I refused to add patches for the AVR32 toolchain
and instead introduced the possibility to download a prepatched toolset.
If this is not done, then an additional 8 MB (after decompression) would have been added.

Did not check, but I belive that a significant portion of those 2 MB,
 are the Linux patches for AT91 and AVR32.
Once the target/linux/Makefile.in supports downloading these patches,
then they can go away.

I have also noticed that OpenSWAN adds a lot to the download size of Buildroot.
There is a large patch which is inside the buildroot source, and this patch 
is available in several versions.
The patch is downloadable from internet, so there is no need to 

> It would be way better to clean-up that mess and _not_ duplicate it over
> all of target/device/Atmel. Furthermore, it's absolutely ugly to force
> all such helper-files upon your users, because they will not build the
> majority of those packages anyway.

Almost all the stuff are only empty directories, not adding significant size.

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