[Buildroot] Anyone have *working* ARM(9) toolchain/cross compiler with buildroot?

Adrian Lauf me at adrianlauf.com
Mon Aug 27 06:45:44 UTC 2007

Hello all,

In my desperation, this is my first message to the buildroot community - I
don't have too much experience with cross compiling, but enough to get
around. I'm having a terrible time getting buildroot to finish *anything* I
give it. It always fails on one thing or another, and I'm beginning to get
very frustrated after days of trying.

At first, I used a Debian build, which failed miserably at every turn,
despite installing package after package. So, I turned to a Fedora Core 7
install, and things looked up. In fact, buildroot completed if:

I selected my correct ARM --> arm920t, soft float, and ONLY C library
support, no C++/GCJ, and gcc 3.4.6. This worked well enough, I was able to
compile JamVM, and even Jikes to compile the classpath. But of course, as
would be expected, while JamVM runs well enough to give me a proper "usage
information" screen, it won't run anything.

This leads me to need gcj, because there exists no competent JVM for ARM
that will compile properly, apparently. but whenever I try to run buildroot
with c++/gcj enabled, it just won't work. Can anyone tell me if/how they got
an ARM implementation to run? I've tried all the gcc versions possible (each
one comes up with different errors), and I've tried snapshot vs. 0.9.29 of
uclibc, etc., all to no avail. Any help is appreciated. Thanks,

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