[Buildroot] Problem calling ldconfig in ext2root.mk

Todd Valentic todd.valentic at sri.com
Fri Aug 24 18:43:52 UTC 2007

Hi Bernhard -

Thanks for taking a look at this problem.
> Does the attached is any better?
Just tried it and unfortunately it didn't work.


I think the problem here is that the "if" is evaluating as
true because the string $(TARGET_LDCONFIG) is set. What it isn't 
checking is if the actual file exists.

Would a test like this work:

   @test -x $(TARGET_LDCONFIG) && \
     $(TARGET_LDCONFIG) -r $(TARGET_DIR) 2>/dev/null

or should TARGET_LDCONFIG be unset early on if it doesn't exist
(in which case your original patch would work fine)?


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