[Buildroot] [patch] libxml2 fixes

Brad House brad at mainstreetsoftworks.com
Mon Aug 6 21:28:08 UTC 2007

>>> When I tried to build libxml2 using a toolchain without wchar support
>>> it failed, when it is built with a toolchain supporting wchar, it completes the build.
>> When was this?
> 2-3 weeks ago.
>> and with what version of libxml2?
> libxml2 version from buildroot.
>> and on what architecture?
> generic-arm architecture.
>> On x86 and arm, that is not the case from my experience.
>> Can you also provide some more information on the actual error message?
> I killed that toolchain, so I do not have the error handy
> You can easily generate a new gcc-4.2.0/binutils-2.17 toolchain based on uClibc 0.29 without wchar
> for generic-arm.

Perhaps the rest of my patch resolved those issues as I am unable to recreate
your issue when using my patch.  I just verified that I do NOT have BR2_USE_WCHAR
enabled (Toolchain Options ---> Enable WCHAR support   is NOT checked).  I could not
get libxml2 to compile at all without apply patches, but it didn't give any
issues related to wchar that I could see, it was because it was trying to build
stuff like the python module ...


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