[Buildroot] How to just build one application?

Jinag Robert cretaceousstone at yahoo.com.cn
Wed Aug 1 07:42:18 UTC 2007

I'm building smaba following your instructions now. 


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>>> I've installed  arm linux gcc 4.1.1 toolchains and I want to build uclibc samba with buildroot package. 
>>> How can I skip building toolchains and just build samba package with the pre-installed toolchains ?
>> $ make samba
>> You can build any target that is defined in a *.mk file by passing it
>> directly to the make call.
>> Philippe
>I added "sambe" with make menuconfig and then issued "make samba". But the build script still build gcc tool chain first.  

There is a menu configuration item:
    Toolchain type --->
        Toolchain type (External Toolchain)

Then you need to set the paths in the
    Toolchain Options --->

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