[Buildroot] Customize buildroot targets and other stuff

Rory Vieira rory.vieira at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 14:24:06 UTC 2006


After using buildroot for the last few weeks, I'm getting to the
customization bit :)

The first thing I want to handle is an additional target for cpio.
I've tried to 'copy' the tar target as a basis, but I'm stumped on the
actual workings.
Especially the part that calls tar is what I do not understand. Hard
to read if you don't know what's being said :)

The other stuff I wanted is now mostly in my own skeleton file and directory.
The skeleton file contains the basic dir structure, and the skeleton
directory contains eveything else I wanted in there (eg midnight
And it's with MC I actually run into some minor troubles:
The libglib doesn't install the headers in the target (so MC's
configure was claiming it couldn't find anything working).
I solved the problem (for now) by copyingthe already built libglib
structure in the uclibc env I built, and rebuilt the whole thing
there. I then copied most of the required files to their proper
locations and made pkgconfig tell the proper .
I'm actually looking for some manual to customizing the modules and
buildroot itself.

And yes, I have already customized some of the buildroot (ssh
installing files I don't need, same for named, sysvinit not installing
all the files I need etc).

I hope I'm making some sense to get my question out :)

Cheers and thanks for any reply,
Rory Vieira
rory dot vieira at gmail dot com

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