[Buildroot] tool chain for generic ARM and gcc 4.0.1 with soft float

Jay Kumar Jaradi JayKumar.Jaradi at conexant.com
Sun Aug 27 14:42:19 UTC 2006

Hi All,


I am using modified patch (arm softfloat ...)(attached) for generating
tool chain for following configuration:


gcc -                             4.0.1

binutils -                        2.16.1

linux headers -               2.6.11

uClibc snapshot -           08-14-2006

.config -                         attached

Floating point -               soft floating point support internal to
multilib, no hard floats, no vfp, ...


After applying this patch, 'genuine' errors in bootstrapping gcc have
been lost, BUT I am expecting them to arrive at my application.


Q. How can I validate my configuration for soft float?

Q. How can I validate my changes in gcc source (GNU, FSF,) really I
don't know much about this.


Thanks & Regards,



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