[PATCH][SH] sys/user.h

Mike Frysinger vapier at gentoo.org
Tue Sep 15 22:05:22 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 15 September 2009 03:28:52 Andrew Stubbs wrote:
> This patch makes sufficient modifications to the SH sys/user.h to be
> able to build and run gdbserver with Linux kernel 2.6.30.
> The problem is that both the kernel and library headers define the same
> symbols, thus making it impossible in include both headers. The patch
> undefines the kernel symbols in favour of the library symbols.
> The patch has already been applied to glibc.
> Please apply this patch if it is OK.

we use git now, and this patch was against the glibc repo rather than the 
uClibc repo, so i had to redo all of the lower cruft.  i added your s-o-b tag 
since you wrote the code.

annoying, but merged.  thanks.
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