shared libstdc++

David McCullough davidm at
Wed Jan 18 01:52:29 UTC 2006

Jivin Paul Brook lays it down ...
> > My guess is that you are mixing up MMU shared libraries with uClinux and
> > they just don't work.  Under uClinux you will never used the '-shared'
> > compile option and you are unlikely to use -fPIC (except for XIP on arm
> > platforms,  and then you need the XIP support in the compiler).
> Last time I tested, -fPIC was required for Arm uClinux binaries. The 
> toolchain/kernel didn't handle with absolute relocations in readonly 
> sections.
> This seems different from m68k where non-pic binaries are common.

XIP for arm uses -fPIC + -msingle-pic-base,  if your compiler doesn't
support -msingle-pic-base then you cannot do XIP and you should probably
not use -fPIC either,  unless you tell elf2flt to ignore the GOT

> AFAIK Shared libraries are not implemented on arm-uClinux.

That is correct,  but both m68k and arm use a variant of PIC to allow
applications to run directly from ROM (XIP),


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