[uClibc] How to run depmod for target?

John Bowler jbowler at acm.org
Tue May 31 16:06:27 UTC 2005

From: Stephan Henningsen
>How am I supposed to compile hotplug?  It depends on
>sadfsaf/lib/modules/modules.usbmap.  This file is created by depmod,
>but depmod won't work on the modules, if they are for another target
>arch than the host, where depmod is run from.

I don't know about the busybox implementation but the module-init-tools (2.6
kernel) at ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/kernel/module-init-tools/
are intended to work cross-platform.  (I did have to patch the byte swap
routines when going from x86 host to big endian ARM target, but the problem
was localised to the bytes swapping and depmod would crash.)

John Bowler <jbowler at acm.org>

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