[uClibc] dropbear 0.46 + uClibc 0.9.26

Bennett Todd bet at rahul.net
Thu Jul 28 15:51:46 UTC 2005

2005-07-27T21:21:25 Andre Henrique Campos:
> I go to try what you it suggested.  Already I tried to use the binary
> dropbear of the Bent Linux, but when connecting it appears the
> following message in the server:
> Jul 27 12:07:48 box kern.info dropbear[1214]: premature exit: failed lookup (8, 2)

Are you using the current bpm package, where:

: pic.bent.dom; grep usr/sbin/dropbear /var/lib/bpm/dropbear-0.46/sha256
4c32c2bd34ea5503ffa87043fcc8ce85b15c0a96081437ea6bc0c10296a8af85  usr/sbin/dropbear
: pic.bent.dom;

If not, could you try pulling the current one down and seeing if the
problem persists? I've updated quite a few libs and done quite a few
rebuilds of my whole distro over the last few weeks, and it's very
possible I got a bum build in there with some bad library mix.

If you are using that binary, then we've got a problem, because I
can't reproduce it; that dropbear works fine for me. If the binary
that works for me doesn't work for you, let's exchange strace
outputs and see if we can run the difference to ground.

I just tested my dropbear on a nightmarishly basterdized machine
that began its life as a Red Hat 8, but has had its kernel and large
tracts of its userspace replaced with Bent components, a real
frankenOS. Then I tested it in a pure Bent chroot jail; both worked

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