[uClibc] wchar size

Carlos de carlos_desa at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 13 03:24:31 UTC 2005

I've started using the uclibc toolchain and buildroot
recently for a s3c2410x / arm920t  porting project.
However ive run into a problem which I'm not really
too sure how to solve. 
>From what ive found in the changelogs and src code it
seems that wchar size is fixed at 31 bits based on the
macros __WCHAR_MIN and __WCHAR_max defined in libc/
sysdeps/linux/common/bits/wchar.h as (-2147483647-1)
and 2147483647 respectively. 
My problem is that most of the existing code that is
to be ported assumes that this is a 16bit value. Hence
i need to change the wchar size from 31 to 16 bits  (
or perhaps 15 bits ? i assume this is to avoid the
sign bit). 
Thus would this just mean a change of the above macros
and WEOF  in include/wchar.h ? I couldnt find any
configuration option for the above. Or perhaps there
is  some other way - patch,etc ?
If my (seemingly naive !) suggestion is correct then
one Q regarding WEOF  -  it seems to be be defined in
include/wctype too . would this need to be changed


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