[uClibc]force copy installing dev_dir

Stuart Hughes seh at zee2.com
Thu Jun 26 09:07:18 UTC 2003


For what it's worth (maybe nothing), here's a patch that I use so that I
can re-install headers/libs on a system where they have previously been
installed.  I use this because I have an automated build with an area
for interface libs/headers (install_dev), if I don't do it, the makefile
complains when it can't re-copy the symlinks as they aready exist.

Also, on another note, I noticed that there is no
<prefix>/usr/lib/libthread_db.so link when you do install_dev, this
results in this library being statically linked.  I wondered if this was
a deliberate requirement, or just something that got missed.

Regards, Stuart
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diff --exclude CVS -uNr uClibc/Makefile uClibc.modified/Makefile
--- uClibc/Makefile	Fri May 30 04:47:42 2003
+++ uClibc.modified/Makefile	Wed Jun 25 08:04:13 2003
@@ -210,7 +210,7 @@
 	-chown -R `id | sed 's/^uid=\([0-9]*\).*gid=\([0-9]*\).*$$/\1.\2/'` $(PREFIX)$(DEVEL_PREFIX)
 ifeq ($(strip $(HAVE_SHARED)),y)
 	-install -m 644 lib/*.so $(PREFIX)$(DEVEL_PREFIX)/lib/
-	-find lib/ -type l -name '*.so' -exec cp -a {} $(PREFIX)$(DEVEL_PREFIX)/lib ';'
+	-find lib/ -type l -name '*.so' -exec cp -af {} $(PREFIX)$(DEVEL_PREFIX)/lib ';'
 	# If we build shared libraries then the static libs are PIC...
 	# Make _pic.a symlinks to make mklibs.py and similar tools happy.
 	for i in `find lib/  -type f -name '*.a' | sed -e 's/lib\///'` ; do \
@@ -228,7 +228,7 @@
 	install -d $(PREFIX)$(DEVEL_PREFIX)/bin
 	install -m 644 lib/lib*-$(MAJOR_VERSION).$(MINOR_VERSION).$(SUBLEVEL).so \
-	cp -a lib/*.so.* $(PREFIX)$(DEVEL_PREFIX)/lib
+	cp -af lib/*.so.* $(PREFIX)$(DEVEL_PREFIX)/lib
 	@if [ -x lib/ld-uClibc-$(MAJOR_VERSION).$(MINOR_VERSION).$(SUBLEVEL).so ] ; then \
 	    set -x -e; \
 	    install -m 755 lib/ld-uClibc-$(MAJOR_VERSION).$(MINOR_VERSION).$(SUBLEVEL).so \
@@ -418,7 +418,7 @@
 release: distclean
 	cd ..;					\
 	rm -rf uClibc-$(VERSION);		\
-	cp -a uClibc uClibc-$(VERSION);		\
+	cp -af uClibc uClibc-$(VERSION);		\
 	find uClibc-$(VERSION)/ -type f		\
 	    -name .\#* -exec rm -rf {} \; ;	\
 	find uClibc-$(VERSION)/ -type d		\

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