[uClibc]Compile Failure of upnpsdk-1.04 and linux-igd

Joshua Tacey jtacey at attbi.com
Sat Jun 14 07:43:07 UTC 2003

Hello all,



I am having absolutely no luck in compiling upnpsdk-1.04
(upnp.sourceforge.net).  Besides the fact that the makefiles all have to be
edited by hand to get them to even begin to compile with the wrappers.  The
code is a mix of C++ and C and as far as I can tell uClibc is having some
major problems compiling the code.  When I get it to compile (by replacing
all the gcc's with uclibc-gcc etc) I get a .so file (that is what is
compiled from it) as linked against both uClibc and glibc.  When I try to
compile using a toolchain it just fails with all sorts of include errors
that I cannot seem to get rid of, like complaining about implicit
declaration of int bzero when string.h IS included.  I don't know if anyone
has any information about how to get this thing to compile under uC or if
I'm just out of luck.  



I tried to compile with the latest snapshot uClibc, upnpsdk-1.04 and just
slackware 8.1 (the toolchain that was compiled was gcc-2.95 also, because
gcc-3 had MAJOR hang-ups even trying to compile it), and it has to be ver
1.04 of the sdk because it has to go with linux-igd, and I would like to use
it for embedded work that I am doing.


Thanks for anyone's insight.




Joshua Tacey

jtacey at attbi.com

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