[uClibc]Re: cvs20030602 (and 0603) make does not work

Peter S. Mazinger ps.m at gmx.net
Wed Jun 4 21:16:05 UTC 2003


After your change in vfork.S (cvs20030604) make works again. Thanks.

My remaining unsolved issues:
Status: I have checked the script get-needed-libgcc-objects.sh and with my 
nm version it can't work, because I get the following lines:
	U main
so the check "^..." won't work. Could someone check it with other versions 
of binutils (my version is 20030515) if it gives the same or 
other result?

2. ldd requiring RLIMIT_CORE (coredumps?) if it is run against a shared 
library (for shared binaries it works correctly). This is done by 
find-requires on rpm builds finding the required dependencies.

3. removal of MADV_* until madvise() is in (if it will ever be)


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