[Bug 12951] trouble building when too long filenames are used in build

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Wed Jun 3 23:15:54 UTC 2020


--- Comment #2 from Bernhard Reutner-Fischer <aldot at uclibc.org> ---
You are suggesting to shorten the current
to ./src/abi/libsupc/libsupc++.dep

1) dep files have per convention a leading dot in order not to ruin
2) The purpose of these dep files is to record dependencies.
This is done by mixing in the actual compiler used to build the libsupc.

So your proposed patch would break dependency tracking between switching
compilers and (respectively) compiler versions.

So this worked before your patch, for example:
make CXX=g++-9
make CXX=g++-10
make CXX=g++-9

With your patch that breaks and you end up with an inconsistent libsupc built
into libstdc.

Couple of questions:
1) How does the pristine .dep filename for libsupc++.a look like for you?
Maybe we can remove some sysroot prefix to get at a shorter .dep filename.

2) building in an encrypted home is.. interesting. Maybe build somewhere else?

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