[uClibc-cvs] svn commit: trunk/buildroot/package/config

andersen at uclibc.org andersen at uclibc.org
Wed Mar 9 17:39:38 UTC 2005

Author: andersen
Date: 2005-03-09 10:39:38 -0700 (Wed, 09 Mar 2005)
New Revision: 9990

Fix /http://bugs.uclibc.org/view.php?id=134

The configuration utility in package/config/ can look for a default
configuration file called 'defconfig' but it's hard coded to look for

This patch causes the config utility to look in the current working directory
for the 'defconfig' file. I use this to provide a default configuration to a
new buildroot environment. This way, I can 'svn co' buildroot, copy my
defconfig, then make defconfig to use my own default configuration.

This fix only changes one line in the confdata.c file to remove the legacy path
that was used in Linux, and not needed in buildroot.


Modified: trunk/buildroot/package/config/confdata.c
--- trunk/buildroot/package/config/confdata.c	2005-03-09 17:36:12 UTC (rev 9989)
+++ trunk/buildroot/package/config/confdata.c	2005-03-09 17:39:38 UTC (rev 9990)
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
 const char conf_def_filename[] = ".config";
-const char conf_defname[] = "sysdeps/linux/defconfig";
+const char conf_defname[] = "defconfig";
 const char *conf_confnames[] = {

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