[uClibc-cvs] cvs commit to uClibc/ldso/ldso/sh by andersen

andersen at codepoet.org andersen at codepoet.org
Tue Oct 1 05:30:24 UTC 2002

Repository: uClibc/ldso/ldso/sh
who:        andersen
time:       Mon Sep 30 23:30:23 MDT 2002

Log Message:

This commit contains a patch from Stefan Allius <allius at atecom.com> to change
how uClibc handles _init and _fini, allowing shared lib constructors and
destructors to initialize things in the correct sequence.  Stefan ported the SH
architecture.  I then ported x86, arm, and mips.  x86 and arm are working fine,
but I don't think I quite got things correct for mips.


changed:    boot1_arch.h elfinterp.c ld_sysdep.h resolve.S

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