[uClibc-cvs] cvs commit to uClibc/ldso/d-link by andersen

andersen at uclinux.org andersen at uclinux.org
Wed Jun 20 07:59:10 UTC 2001

Repository: uClibc/ldso/d-link
who:        andersen
time:       Wed Jun 20 03:59:10 EDT 2001

Log Message:

This commit merges the most excellent work of Shane Nay <shane at minirl.com>
and gets the ARM shared lib loader so it is now actually working!!!
Wohoo!!!  There are still a few things to clean up and generalize, but not
too much.  A fine bit of work.  Thanks Shane!


changed:    Tag: ARM_LDSO_SUPPORT Makefile boot1.c hash.h readelflib1.c

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