Pack busybox using guix, but make check have fail tests

c4droid c4droid at
Wed May 19 15:00:48 UTC 2021


I'm working on the using busybox to provide the guix bootstrap recipes
for my building Linux From Scratch system using GNU Guix projects. when
I pack the busybox using guix, I copy the original package definitions
from gnu/packages/busybox.scm, I add enable-static-link build phases to
make busybox static linked. At building test, guix can build busybox
perfectly, but at running test suites, I got test failed about mdev
components, I check guix original package definitions for busybox, build
it, mdev test suites is skipped, I don't know how to skip the mdev test
suites, hope get some guidence for skip the mdev test suites, thanks. :)

My busybox package definitions is at

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