[PATCH] use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for timestamp if available

Ariadne Conill ariadne at dereferenced.org
Fri May 14 04:55:50 UTC 2021


On Thu, 13 May 2021, Paul Spooren wrote:

> The SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is an effort of the Reproducible Builds
> organization to make timestamps/build dates in compiled tools
> deterministic over several repetitive builds.
> Busybox shows by default the build date timestamp which changes whenever
> compiled. To have a reasonable accurate build date while staying
> reproducible, it's possible to use the *date of last source
> modification* rather than the current time and date.
> Further information on SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH are available online [1].
> This patch modifies `confdata.c` so that the content of the
> SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH env variable is used as timestamp.
> To be independent of different timezones between builds, whenever
> SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is defined the GMT time is used.

This patch looks fine.  Alpine would like this as well, as we are starting 
to work on reproducible builds.


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