Cross compiling from x86_64 to SPARC

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Mon Feb 1 08:47:34 UTC 2021

Hi Rich,

On Mon, Feb 01 2021, Rich Fromm wrote:
> I have an old ReadyNAS NV+ v1 from Netgear that's having some hardware
> issues, and I'm trying to retrieve the data off of the disk array. I can
> boot into a tech support mode, and telnet to the unit, and mount the disk
> array, and the data appears to be present and okay, as far as I can tell
> from a cursory glance. But I'm having trouble getting the data copied to
> some other place.
> There is a limited version of busybox installed, and I'd have more options
> if I had a more up to date version. So I would like to compile the latest
> stable busybox and copy it to the NAS.
> Is the gist that I first need to build gcc from source (this will be on an
> Ubuntu x86_64 box), to have a cross compilation capable compiler, then use
> that compiler to build busybox?
> If so, how to I figure out precisely what options to pass to `./configure`
> for `--build`, `--host`, and `--target` ? And what exactly to set

Try this minimal Buildroot config:


You will get a pre-built uClibc toolchain that will build a static
busybox binary. You should find it under output/target/bin/.

The config is based
support/config-fragments/autobuild/br-sparc-uclibc.config, with
BR2_STATIC_LIBS=y added.

Hope this helps,

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