[PATCH] crontab: Fix -e with editors saving using renaming strategy

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Wed Jul 15 12:32:31 UTC 2020

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> Some editors (like vim) use renaming strategy to save file. That means
> they save a file to some random name and then rename it to final
> location. ...

Irrespective of the usefulness of this patch, I note that this is not what "vim" does by default; it rather copies the old file to a temporary file, then opens and writes the original file, and if all went well, removes the temporary file. This makes sense in order to preserve hard links.

:help backup
If you write to an existing file (but do not append) while the 'backup',
'writebackup' or 'patchmode' option is on, a backup of the original file is
made.  The file is either copied or renamed (see 'backupcopy').  After the
file has been successfully written and when the 'writebackup' option is on and
the 'backup' option is off, the backup file is deleted.  When the 'patchmode'
option is on the backup file may be renamed.
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