Add possiblity to support specifying desired section of manpage

depsterr depsterr at
Tue Dec 22 18:10:34 UTC 2020

I have created a new patch which handles both the

section page



formats. (The page(section) format has been ignored as it is less common and more tedious to implement.)

This patch also fixes a few typos in the previous patch. This should be my final version of this patch.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback! Hopefully this can get merged :)

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On Tuesday, December 22, 2020 5:15 PM, Harald van Dijk <harald at> wrote:

> On 22/12/2020 15:42, Xabier Oneca -- xOneca wrote:
> > Hi Depsterr,
> >
> > > Usage: man [-aw] MANPAGE[.SECTION]...
> >
> > That does not seem to be compatible with the standard man:
> > man [OPTION...] [SECTION] PAGE...
> It is not so much incompatible as it is incomplete. The widely used
> man-db implementation of man does support this form as well. It supports
> three forms of specifying the section, which all do the same thing:
> man 7 man
> man man.7
> man 'man(7)'
> Cheers,
> Harald van Dijk

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