Traceroute ICMP option doesn't work

M K Verma manishverma1420 at
Tue Dec 8 04:39:24 UTC 2020

Hi Busybox,

Package: Busybox
Version: 1.29.3

We see that traceroute with -6 or traceroute6 never succeeds to trace some
of the sites that filter UDP packets, for example, and so on.

We see the issue with IPv6 sites being tracerouted.
The traceroute to those sites never completes.

We see that on a Linux machine traceroute6 or traceroute with -6,  enforced
with -I (ICMP) easily completes the trace but never incase of the
traceroute in the Busybox.

Do we know if there is a workaround or fix to traceroute IPv6 form of those
sites? Do we have a fix for ICMP option yet ?

Your reply will be much appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,
MK Verma
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