udhcp6 IA_PD with custom DUID

paul gauret pgauret at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 25 13:53:29 UTC 2019

I'm trying to use busybox's udhcp6 to obtain an IPv6 Prefix Delegation from my ISP. 
As per their documentation, they expect the dhcpv6 request to be sent asking for the prefix to be delegated (e.g. 2001:cde:3d4d:200::/56) with a specific DUID that they provide (e.g. 00:02:00:01:18:9e:10:4a:ad:b7).
Is this achievable with udhcp6? If so I'd appreciate a bit of help to figure out the options to use on the command line. I've tried putting my DUID in option 61 and the requested prefix in option 26 without success. For reference I could make this setup work with another dhcpv6 client.
Thanks for your help!
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