[PATCH] Implemented support for stateless DHCPv6. Udhcpc6 will send Information-Request to request configuration parameters without IP address if using 'l' option.

Eivind Versvik versvikeivind at gmail.com
Fri Aug 30 11:43:08 UTC 2019

> Why "no -d, -r no" command line usage does not work for you?

The intention is to have same behavior as "-r no", but the first dhcpv6
server I tested in stateless mode didn't respond when using solicit without
requesting address. When lease expires the behavior should be same as "-r

This gives no answer from server:
udhcpc6 -b -rno -i eth0 -O dns -O search -p /var/run/udhcpc6.pid -S -s
udhcpc6: started, v1.29.3
udhcpc6: sending discover
udhcpc6: sending discover
udhcpc6: sending discover
udhcpc6: no lease, forking to background

While with patched busybox using information request gives answer
udhcpc6 -b -l -i eth0 -O dns -O search -p /var/run/udhcpc6.pid -S -s

I, as a user, do not feel like this help text helps much.

I can update the text.

First get the IP, then get D6_MSG_INFORMATION_REQUEST?

I think solicit would give you all the information in information request
pluss the address, so not sure I see this as a needed option.

 Obvious question - why? A comment would be good to have here.
I can add a comment, if I remember correctly the server responds to
multicast address

Users may want to have a different repetition rate. They may even want
> to do it just once.

I think ideally the timer should be controlled by server as in RFC8415
where the server responds with a time between 60 seconds and 86400 seconds (1
day), but I didn't want to do that many changes and looked what needed to
be done according to RFC3315. It would be a small change to add
configurable timer though.

OPT_q (quit after lease) should work the same way whether stateless DHCP is
used or not, so it should already be able to quit after getting information
from server if using -q.

(I managed to use wrong reply button on first email, so it didnt arrive on
mailing list)
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