[PATCH] ash: make bash_source command search current directory after PATH

Paul Otto paul at ottoops.com
Fri Jan 26 08:34:52 UTC 2018

This patch restores, and improves upon, expected behavior to BASH
compatibility which was lost beginning with 1.27.0. This was pulled into
Alpine 3.7 which, in turn was pulled into official Docker images beginning
with docker:17.12. As a result, a large number of CICD builds that use
"source filename" have broken everywhere.

According to the BASH documentation, the source command should:
Read and execute commands from filename  in  the  current  shell
environment  and return the exit status of the last command executed from
filename.  If filename does not contain a slash, filenames  in  PATH  are
used to find the directory containing filename.  The file searched for in
PATH  need  not  be  executable. When  bash  is  not  in  posix  mode,
the  current directory is searched if no file is found in PATH.

This patch specifically checks for when commandname is "source", and only
performs the additional PWD search in that case, and only after it has
neither 1) short-circuited from a /; and 2) not been found somewhere within
the PATH.

 shell/ash.c | 14 ++++++++++++--
 1 file changed, 12 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git i/shell/ash.c w/shell/ash.c
index 865159d20..6de68bc4d 100644
--- i/shell/ash.c
+++ w/shell/ash.c
@@ -12967,7 +12967,10 @@ find_dot_file(char *name)
        if (strchr(name, '/'))
                return name;

-       while ((fullname = path_advance(&path, name)) != NULL) {
+    while ((fullname = path_advance(&path, name)) != NULL) {
+        try_cur_dir:
                if ((stat(fullname, &statb) == 0) &&
S_ISREG(statb.st_mode)) {
                         * Don't bother freeing here, since it will
@@ -12980,7 +12983,14 @@ find_dot_file(char *name)

        /* not found in the PATH */
-       ash_msg_and_raise_error("%s: not found", name);
+    if (strcmp(commandname, "source") == 0) {
+        fullname = name;
+        goto try_cur_dir;
+    }
+    /* not found at all */
+    ash_msg_and_raise_error("%s: not found", name);
        /* NOTREACHED */
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