1.27.1 is released

Denys Vlasenko vda.linux at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 18 18:34:51 UTC 2017

18 July 2017 -- BusyBox 1.27.1 (stable)

BusyBox 1.27.1. (git, patches, how to add a patch)

Bug fix release. 1.27.1 has fixes for uuencode (allow space
instead of "`" as padding char), dd (fixed status=none),
setpriv (option parsing should not eat options in PROG ARGS),
fix for "applet (for example halt) as login shell" use case,
a few fixes for less typical build environments.

Split-out and monolithic i686 binaries available:

3 July 2017 -- BusyBox 1.27.0 (unstable)

BusyBox 1.27.0. (git, patches, how to add a patch)

Sizes of busybox-1.26.0 and busybox-1.27.0 (with equivalent config,
static uclibc build):

   text       data        bss        dec        hex    filename
 925769        489       7352     933610      e3eea    busybox-1.26.0
 927115        489       7352     934956      e442c busybox-1.27.0

Changes since previous release:

Andrei Gherzan:
      switch_root: don't bail out when console doesn't exist

Andrey Mozzhuhin:
      ftpd: new option -a ANON_USER to allow anonymous logins

André Draszik:
      iproute: support for filtering by and printing of scope

Assaf Gordon:
      setpriv: new applet

Ben Hutchings:
      modprobe: read modules.builtin

Cristian Ionescu-Idbohrn:
      appletlib: avoid warning on unused function ingroup
      unzip: remove now-pointless lseek which returns current position

Denys Vlasenko:
      fix "ifdef ENABLE_foo": should always be "#if ENABLE_foo"
      fix "loginutils/Config.in:319 error: Overlong line"
      make DPKG=y and DPKG_DEB=y by default
      make FEATURE_USERNAME_COMPLETION=y by default
      make INSMOD=y by default
      make RMMOD=y by default
      move FEATURE_AUTOWIDTH config option to two applets which use it
      move FEATURE_USE_TERMIOS config option to two applets which use it
      make_single_applets.sh: a tool to check single-applet builds
      qemu_multiarch_testing: small improvements
      archival: add option -k "keep" to gzip/bzip2/lzop, add -U "nokeep" to lzop
      libbb: consolidate the code to set termios unbuffered mode
      libbb: eliminate redundant variable in sha_crypt
      libbb: fix "error: redefinition of 'is_tty_secure'"
      libbb: make check_password() also return CHECKPASS_PW_HAS_EMPTY_PASSWORD
      libbb: match_fstype() is unreadable in the extreme, fixing it
      libbb: move isqrt from factor, use it in diff too
      libbb: shrink dump.c
      libbb: spawn_and_wait() fflushes before forking NOEXEC; child
reinits logmode
      libiproute: FACT_FUNCization
      add/remove-shell: copy /etc/shells mode to new file
      ash: 16-bit nprocs field is a pain for many CPUs
      ash: add INT_OFF/ON around allocations
      ash: commented-out possible fix for 7694
      ash: error out if ASH_INTERNAL_GLOB is not selected on uClibc
      ash: fix a bug in argv restoration after sourcing a file
      ash: fix $HOME/.profile reading if !ASH_EXPAND_PRMT
      ash: fix open fds leaking in redirects. Closes 9561
      ash: fix 'trap - 65'
      ash: implement "exec -a ARGV0 CMD ARGV1..."
      ash: revert "make dot command search current directory first"
      hush: conditionalize print_escaped() on EXPORT || TRAP
      hush: correct exitcode for unterminated ')' - exitcode2.tests testcase
      hush: fix a bug in argv restoration after sourcing a file
      hush: fix 'defined but not used' warning
      hush: fix kill builtin without jobs support
      hush: global_args_malloced is used only if set builtin is enabled
      hush: kill builtin and kill %jobspec support
      hush: make echo builtin optional
      hush: make export builtin optional
      hush: make memleak builtin optional
      hush: make read and trap builtins optional
      hush: make set/unset builtins optional
      hush: make umask builtin optional
      hush: reinstate [[ builtin
      hush: remove redundand test for ENABLE_HUSH_JOB
      hush: reorder builtins (cd and pwd ought to be close, etc), no
code changes
      hush: support %%, %+ and % jobspec (meaning "current job")
      ash,hush: fix SIGCHLD interrupting read builtin
      ash,hush: move "config" blocks above their use in coditional includes
      ash,hush: make hush test optional, rename ASH_BUILTIN_foo to ASH_foo
      ash,hush: make it possible to select "sh" and "bash" aliases
without selecting ash or hush
      busybox: stop depending on FEATURE_AUTOWIDTH for applet list
      catv: convert this bbox-specific applet into "cat -v"
      cryptpw: support "rounds=NNNNNNN$" thing in salts
      depmod: don't build it if MODPROBE_SMALL=y
      diff: fix -N and nonexistent files. Closes 7454
      factor: new applet
      fallocate: new applet
      fsfreeze: new applet
      ftpd/ls: show directories first
      grep: FEATURE_GREP_CONTEXT should be available for "fgrep only" too
      httpd: defend against attempts to OOM us. Closes 9611
      httpd: use "Content-Length", not "-length"
      init: dont send "Sent SIGTERM to all" msg to syslog: we just TERMed it!
      iplink: implement "set promisc on|off". Closes 4682
      ip: make ip aliases individually selectable
      iproute: add "a" command as a synonym to "add"
      iproute: support advmss option
      link: new applet
      ls: -1 should be ignored by -l (and options which imply -l)
      ls: convert DISP_DIRNAME to a bool variable
      ls: get rid of opt_flags[], handle -l1c through option_mask32
      ls: handle -a and -A through option_mask32
      ls: handle all sort options through option_mask32
      ls: handle -d and -R through option_mask32
      ls: handle -i through option_mask32
      ls: handle -p and -F through option_mask32
      ls: handle -s through option_mask32
      ls: handle -x through option_mask32, remove default -C from --help
      ls: LIST_ID_NAME/ID_NUMERIC/LOPT/LONG are the same, merge as LONG
      ls: LIST_NLINKS/SIZE/DATE_TIME/SYMLINK are always the same,
merge as LIST_LOPT
      ls: make -Z output compatible with GNU coreutils 8.25
      ls: more correct handling of -c, -u
      ls: replace -e with --full-time, add --group-directories-first, delete -K
      modprobe: do not descend into /etc/modprobe.d/DIR/. Closes 8686
      modprobe-small: fix "modprobe non-existing-module" exitcode (should be 1)
      modprobe_small: if only MODPROBE and DEPMOD are selected, no
need to test for them
      modprobe-small: make applets individually selectable
      more: hardcode FEATURE_USE_TERMIOS=y in this applet; code shrink
      mount: create loop devices with LO_FLAGS_AUTOCLEAR flag
      nc_bloaty: use poll() instead of select()
      nc: use poll() instead of select()
      nl: new applet; also implement cat -nb (similar functionality to nl)
      nproc: new applet
      ntpd: print result of hostname resolution
      partprobe: new applet
      paste: delimiter list use should restart for each new output line
      pgrep: fix pgrep -flx "sleep 11" - saw "sleep 11" processes as "sleep 11 "
      pgrep: implement -a
      ps: avoid -o stat to contain spaces. Closes 9631
      rdate: make it do something remotely sane, facing 32-bit time overflow
      rdate: time(NULL) is shorter than time(&var)
      runit: fix chpst -n -N -u USER
      runsv: update to match version 2.1.2 of runit
      sendmail: allow "+" symbol in recipient. Closes 9646
      sha512: use larger constant table only if sha512 is in fact selected
      shred: new applet
      svlogd: support -ttt (dateTtime instead of date_time)
      taskset: rewrite to be task size-agnostic
      taskset: separate "current" and "new" strings
      tcpudp: define SO_ORIGINAL_DST directly, not via include
      time: inplement -f FMT
      top: FEATURE_USE_TERMIOS shouldn't control reading of screen size
      udhcpc6: fix problems found running against dnsmasq
      udhcpc6: fix releasing
      udhcpc6: move misplaced comment
      udhcpc6: read_interface should save link-local ipv6 address
      udhcpc6: add comments about option 39, no code changes
      udhcpc6: add support for timezones
      udhcpc6: make -O OPT work
      udhcpc: do not accept --background on NOMMU (same as -b)
      udhcpc: fix "udhcpc -x hostname:NAME" not working on nommu
      udhcpc: make sure we do not overflow poll timeout
      udhcp: do not clobber errno by signal handler
      udhcp: use poll() instead of select()
      unlzma: fix erroneous "while" instead of "if". Closes 4682
      unzip: do not use CDF.extra_len, read local file header. Closes 9536
      unzip: optional support for bzip2, lzma, xz
      unzip: properly use CDF to find compressed files. Closes 9536
      umount: revert "umount: make -d always active, add -D to suppress it"
      vi: don't touch file with :x when modified_count == 0
      vi: survive if stdin is nonblocking. closes 9851
      vi,fsck: do not use build timestamp unconditionally. Closes 9626
      tls: a tiny TLS1.2 code, wire it up for wget
      ssl_client: TLStest applet
      wget: add a big explanation what TLS code implements and what does not
      wget: add support for -S --server-response
      wget: fix for brain-damaged HTTP servers. Closes 9471
      wget/tls: session_id of zero length is ok (arxiv.org responds with such)
      w: new applet, alias to "who -H"
      xxd: new applet

      modprobe-small: optimizations for single applet build

Felix Fietkau:
      ash: improve / fix glob expansion

Glenn Matthews:
      reset: before calling execvp(), reset needs to flush stdout

James Byrne:
      sv: update to match version 2.1.2 of runit

Jody Bruchon:
      uniq: add -i option to ignore case
      Add help text for 'uniq -i'

Jörg Krause:
      Fix dependency for IFUPDOWN_UDHCPC_CMD_OPTIONS

Kaarle Ritvanen:
      libbb: GETOPT_RESET macro
      login: move check_securetty to libbb

Kang-Che Sung:
      Allow FAST_FUNC to be overridden at build time
      build system: no longer prompt for PLATFORM_LINUX option
      bunzip2: fix code bloat caused by zcat's seamless magic
      Fix FEATURE_{GZIP,BZIP2}_DECOMPRESS link error
      Allow 'gzip -d' and 'bzip2 -d' without gunzip or bunzip2
      shell: clarify help text of CONFIG_{SH,BASH}_IS_* options
      ash: explicitly group ash options
      ash: fix "kill %1" not working if CONFIG_ASH is disabled
      hush: split bash compatible extensions into separate defines. No
code changes
      kill: need not build kill.c when ash's job control is off
      kill: optimizations for single-applet build
      modutils: fix config options dependency
      modprobe-small: move lsmod code out of modprobe_main()
      modutils: remove redundant "select PLATFORM_LINUX" configs
      cmdline module options can be disabled on "big" modutils
      Reorder modutils config options & fix yet more dependency
      modprobe-small: document '-n' in depmod usage
      modprobe-small: define and use DEPMOD_OPT_n (option mask)
      Update depmod & modprobe upstream help text in comments

Laurent Bercot:
      httpd: fix address family for reverse proxy client socket
      ls: fix support for long options when FEATURE_LS_COLOR is deselected

Markus Gothe:
      lsscsi: new applet

Maxime Coste:
      paste: new applet

Ming Liu:
      tar: add IF_FEATURE_* checks

Natanael Copa:
      ntpd: improve postponed hostname resolution

Ron Yorston:
      ash: fix error code regression

Rostislav Skudnov:
      Replace int by uint to avoid signed integer overflow
      dd: call fsync() only once before exiting if conv=fsync is specified

Stefan Tomanek:
      ip rule: add suppress_{prefixlength,ifgroup} options

Tito Ragusa:
      README_distro_proposal.txt: typo fixes

Tommi Rantala:
      time: document -p in usage
      time: implement -a, -o FILE

Waldemar Brodkorb:
      modutils: remove special handling of uClibc

Youfu Zhang:
      ash: fix incorrect path in describe_command

Yousong Zhou:
      vi: avoid touching a new file with ZZ when no editing has been done

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