busybox syslogd doesn't notice hostname change?

Joshua Judson Rosen jrosen at harvestai.com
Thu Feb 27 19:30:30 UTC 2014

I've noticed that, if I change my system's hostname, busybox syslogd doesn't notice
until it's restarted; the code in syslogd.c currently just caches the hostname 
at startup
and then never checks it again.

inetutils syslogd does the same thing; syslog-ng and rsyslog both rescan on SIGHUP
(but also don't automatically reload hostname during normal operation).

I think I want to make busybox's syslogd reload hostname on SIGHUP, like rsyslog
(as opposed to just ignoring SIGHUP entirely, like it does right now);
are there any reasons I shouldn't?

"'tis an ill wind that blows no minds."

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