mdev and post 3.6 kernels

Michael J. Hammel busybox at
Sun Feb 9 01:28:55 UTC 2014

I've been using 3.2.27 from the RPi repos with mdev and usbfs.  This
worked fine to load drivers for wifi and webcams.  I'm trying to move to
RPi's "3.10.y" branch.  I've found that usbfs is deprecated and now I'm
not sure how to find the usb devices and load the drivers.  mdev doesn't
seem to report them.  I have it log every event at boot time and the usb
devices don't show up.  

Does anyone know if there are kernel config options that need to be
enabled in 3.6+ (when usbfs was deprecated) for mdev to be notified of
usb devices at boot time?  Or maybe suggestions on what mdev should be
looking at to find them?  I could dig into mdev but I'm not sure where
it should be looking for the devices.  lsusb shows them.  



Michael J. Hammel <busybox at>

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