running testsuite with PREFER_APPLETS=y and EXEC_PATH=

Michael Tokarev mjt at
Sun Nov 10 14:46:10 UTC 2013


When running testsuite, we're trying to execute applets
by their names, like "grep", "cp", "sh" and so on.

When CONFIG_BUSYBOX_PREFER_APPLETS set to "y", busybox
tries to exec itself.  But this, in turn, depends on
CONFIG_BUSYBOX_EXEC_PATH pointing to the right executable.
On linux this is /proc/self/exe, but this obviously requires
mounted /proc.  On other systems, this does not work.

On Debian we used "/bin/busybox" as BUSYBOX_EXEC_PATH,
to work around not mounted /proc (since busybox is used
as shell for initramfs), and for other systems without
/proc/self support.

But this way, as long as our just-built busybox is not
placed to /bin/busybox, we can't test it, we're testing
system /bin/busybox (provided it actually exists),
or system utilities (found in $PATH).

So now I'm basically lost.  I can re-set EXEC_PATH back to
the default "/proc/self/exe", this will re-enable testsuite
on linux correctly.  It will still fail on other systems
(*bsd, solaris etc).

Any suggestion on this?



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