AW: Issue with tar (Busybox 1.20.2): unknown file type

piquemal michel michel_piquemal at
Sun Jun 16 07:56:07 UTC 2013

Thanks Rob,

humm, this ccwrap.c black magic may be too much for me...

It seems Buildroot 2010-05 may be able to compile an appropriate environment (investigating this path too), but looking at Aboriginal sources, it does not seem its uses Buildroot as a base.

Thanks for the suggestion on tar.
I'll check how big a non-busybox tar is (may have to be static too...), but it need to be well below 60K (BB-gzip dynamic) to be worthwile compared to 120K static BBtar-gzip.

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On 06/13/2013 01:24:41 PM, piquemal michel wrote:
> Thanks Rob,
> Indeed static linking works great, but BB tar-gzip binary is about  
> 120K whereas only 60k dynamic: it makes some meaningful difference to  
> install my target which has quite limited flash storage.
> I was wondering if within current Aboriginal, I could build BB (and  
> other projects) using earlier .h from uClibc and kernel, and link  
> with that older uClibc lib?
> Not sure if it's possible, how complex it might be.

You can probably build the old uClibc natively, but getting the  
toolchain to use it is sort of black magic. (Look at ccwrap.c in the  
aboriginal source if you want to go there.)

> Or... I need to find an alternate solution than tar-gzip (I need some
> compress/decompress SW) that would lead to a smaller static binary: I
> could not find so far... (zlib, miniz, ...). Any suggestion welcome.

You could build a tar without gzip support, use the existing busybox's  
gzip, and do something like:

   gunzip < filename | tar xv


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