Using less in environment without controlling tty

Harald Becker ralda at
Sun Jul 28 18:14:17 UTC 2013

Hi Mike,

still on Busybox list ...

On 28-07-2013 13:07 Michael Conrad <mconrad at>
>One quick and easy way to do this is to pipe all startup
>messages into /dev/kmsg, and then pipe dmesg into less.  I like
>this because it lets you see the kernel messages in-line with
>the startup script messages.

It is a nice feature, but does this also work on older Linux
kernels. I know it to work in 3.x series, but I've got stuck with
a 2.6.35 kernel.

Beside this it does not met my requirements. I like to catch the
messages, in case there goes something wrong during startup. If
there is problem during startup, the messages are just
discarded. Only on any startup failure the screen is
initialized and the messages shall pop up for viewing.
>That said, I'm also working on a side project called
>libcirculog, which you might find useful.  Its a little more
>advanced in that it attempts to let readers access a shared-mem
>circular log without synchronizing with the writer.  (using
>checksums)  Message me off list if you're interested in helping.

Busybox has a circular log buffer feature, which works perfect
for me on other implementations. I'm just looking for something
different to hide system startup messages during normal startup,
but allow for debugging in case anything fails.

But go on and keep me informed, what you are doing ...


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