SO_BINDTODEVICE is not supported on this system

Matthias Andree mandree at
Thu Jul 18 19:05:01 UTC 2013

> best run as truss ./try-freebsd-btd so you see what's going on behind
> the scenes.

Small omission on my part:

The command line should be something like:

./try-freebsd-btd 2 lo0
(no output means success)

If it fails, use truss to find out where exactly:

truss ./try-freebsd-btd 28 em0

- replace 2 (IPv4) by 28 for IPv6 (does not work with the current bfd.c)

- replace lo0 or em0 with an interface name on your system (else you get
Device not configured); lo0 would be good on any system; see ifconfig
for a list.

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