[PATCH 1/1] buildsys: Add helper to list suid applets

John Spencer maillist-busybox at barfooze.de
Tue Jul 9 13:03:11 UTC 2013

On 07/09/2013 10:58 AM, Bernhard Reutner-Fischer wrote:
> Add a helper script that lists all applets that
> - do or may require SUID provileges (busybox.cfg.suid)
> - do not require SUID provileges (busybox.cfg.nosuid)
> Some setups prefer to build two busybox binaries, one that is suid which
> contains all applets that do or may require suid privileges, and a
> second one for all the rest (which drops suid). To ease splitting these
> two binaries, generate two lists of CONFIG_ items for each of the two
> binaries.

nice. my setup would also benefit from this

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