Busybox binary

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Tue Jul 9 02:07:05 UTC 2013

On 07/08/2013 01:42:17 AM, Boriotti, R. - Roberto - wrote:
> Hi Rob.
> I just a have a proposal request (not support request).
> I'd like to know who can build the busybox binary that are store here
> http://busybox.net/downloads/binaries/latest/

That would be me.

> Are quite old.

I thought they were just one release back? Haven't really been paying  

> Could someone make a fresh build for all platforms (I'm interested  
> about mipsel)
> based on latest 1.21 source code?

1.21.1 actually. And sure, I'll grind through the set...
> I'm intersested about a full busybox (compield with all option).

I'm doing "make defconfig", which is more or less that. (It doesn't  
switch on selinux and stuff that requires a special build environment,  
but also requires a special runtime environment.)

> Another idea/proposal is to make an info inside README.txt
> http://busybox.net/downloads/binaries/latest/README
> to explain which version are the busybox binary (now you have to load  
> into a system
> to check it).

The "latest" directory is a symlink to the version number directory, so  
in theory if you back up one directory and look there it should tell  
you what latest is. But I can put it in the readme too, sure.

> Thanks. Bye.

Just uploaded them and updated the "latest" symlink.


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