Harald Becker ralda at gmx.de
Sun Jul 7 13:34:12 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I stumbled on a curious message during Busybox build:

"warning: your system may be foobared"

This message is trigged by a #warn in chrt.c when
_POSIX_PRIORITY_SCHEDULING is not defined. As I was trying to
build with musl I asked for this in #musl IRC channel and got the
info about Linux failure to build the required interface:

see http://openwall.com/lists/musl/2013/04/15/3

Beside triggering the suspicious message Busybox compiled and
linked fine and some initial tests with chrt seam to work as
expected. So the message is really confusing, especially without
reading through source code.

sh4rm4 suggested to change at least the message to:
"process scheduling may not behave in conformance with POSIX"
when _POSIX_PRIORITY_SCHEDULING is not defined.

... but remember glibc lies about this problem and defines the
Macro anyway (value 200809L).



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